Bottles: The people have spoken

The feedback from current customers on our initial test bottle has been far better than we had imagine. Their reaction to actually being able to see the content has been a key finding.

Transparent glas hasn't been usual in the cream liqueur segment. But why should we hide this lovely brownish fluid from you?

Our stability tests proves that we're in a good shape of going transparent. And since the public is so clear on this, that's what we're gonna do. 

When our premium selections - the fruity variants - are coming, we might have to do it in a different way. Who knows? What I can promise you is that we'll always be looking for ways to develop our bottle concept.

At the launch at Vinmonopolet 6th of July the Fjording Hazelnut Caramel will look like in the picture below. This bottle type won over the shorter, long-necked version as seen in the top picture.

Anybody looking forward to buy a Fjording-bottle?

If you’re curious on the taste, please visit some of the restaurants and bars serving Fjording :)

moonea transparent.jpg