Malakoff 2019 and Fjording = a good match

17 years with Malakoff

For 17 years now, people in my hometown Nordfjordeid have arranged Malakoff Rock Festival. A fantastic effort is put into creating the best festival feeling possible.

This year, artists like Sigrid, Weezer, BigBang, Madrugada and Kvelertak created magic on the scenes, and around 25.000 visitors over a three day period had a fantastic experience. As usual.

The history of liqueur at the festival

Me and my friends with a warm festival version of Fjording

Me and my friends with a warm festival version of Fjording

Personally, I have attended every Malakoff festival since the beginning. I’m a big fan.

I don’t remember if cream liqueur was served the first couple of years, but it sure didn’t take long before it showed up as a popular alternative on the bar menu, served together with coffee.

It was called “RockeBaileys” and quickly became a lovely, warm treat for the audience. Especially on chilly evenings.

I’ve definitely been drinking my fair share of RockeBaileys over the years.

However, it was always with a question buzzing in my head: “Shouldn’t you try to do this better yourself, Øyvind?

Rockefjording on the menu


After having a tiny debut on Malakoff in 2018, Fjording was chosen as the exclusive cream liqueur for this year’s festival.

RockeFjording had pushed RockeBaileys out of the way.

Initially 120 bottles were provided, based on sales number the previous years.

However, the Malakoff bar team decided to fill up with 32 extra bottles on Saturday. And before the evening was over, everything was sold out :)


I have always been a huge fan of Malakoff (and good music/concerts in general). The first 15 years I participated as a guest. In the later years, I have volunteered and even served as a proud board member of the organization.

Now you might think I exploited my role as board member to bring Fjording on to the menu. But I promise you, that was a decision the bar team made - without any form of pressure.

When the feedback from they were; “It worked out extremely well. Everybody was happy. Fantastic!”, I must say it’s very satisfying to be a cream liqueur entrepreneur!

And the best thing: The annoying question inside my head wasn’t buzzing anymore :)

Top photo by Malakoff

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