Fjording and Gardsbrenneriet on national radio and TV

This summer NRK Reiseradioen visited different camping sites around Norway and created their radio and TV shows there. In week 29 they were at Sandane, the town where we produce Fjording together with Gardsbrenneriet.

The fun and enthusiastic reporter Yngve Hustad Reite made the interviews with me and Jann Vestby. Cecilie and Else Kåss Furuseth commented from the camping studio.

I got to talk about the double gold medal we won, and of course explain why I started on the Fjording adventure in the first place. Jann about his production methods and how Gardsbrenneriet came to life.

The interviews were aired on live radio in the morning and on TV in the evening. Thanks NRK for having us on the show!

You can listen or watch the programs here if you’d like:

- NRK Reiseradioen in P1
- NRK Reiseradioen at TV

PS! Notice that I have a Malakoff-sweater on. This fantastic rock festival at Nordfjordeid showing of artists like Sigrid, Weezer, BigBang, Madrugada and Kvelertak. This year, Malakoff even served 152 bottles of Fjording during the festival :)

Fjording likør på TV
NRK Fjording reiseradioen TV.png

Another positive thing that happen this summer was the partnership Fjording made with Hurtigruten.