Boarding completed

An important exercise this spring has been to find the right board members for the company. By the beginning of June I landed the three candidates I wanted the most. Here´s a presentation of the team:

Alejandro Tola Alvarez

Alejandro has recently been promoted to CEO in Genomar, the worlds leading tilapia breeding company. His experience with international operations, management and technology is surely something Genomar will profit on - and hopefully Fjording AS as well.

Alejandro has followed Fjording closely the last year, and he´s been a great "mentor" for Øyvind in the startup phase. You can read more about Alex in this blog post about good helpers.

Arnt Ove Dalebø

Arnt Ove has also recently been trusted an important position; as Head of Innovation in Kolonihagen. His job there will be to secure that Kolonihagen continues to lead the way in bringing high quality organic food and beverages out to the Norwegian population. He has long experience as Brewery Master in Kolonihagen, and as a strategic consultant in the design bureau Uniform. Previous he has worked as Marketing manager in Mills.

I´m sure Arnt Oves experience, network and passion for quality products and brand management is going to be very useful for Fjording.

Gisle Bjørnstad

Gisle is Financial Director/CFO in Løvenskiold Vækerø, the company I´ve been working in for the last 9 years, and still is connected to through consultancy work. Gisle has solid experience from solar company REC and from Jordan - the international supplier of painting equipment, tooth brushes and so on.

He´s a person that is perfectly comfortable with numbers, but is equally concerned with brand experiences and customer satisfaction. A solid guy that really complements the rest of the board.

Boy, I´m looking forward to work alongside these talented persons. Welcome aboard the Fjording-board, guys!


Top photo by Steinar Engeland