Yesterday, December 4th, we rounded 100 Vinmonopol with Fjording in stock.

Fjording på Manglerud Vinmonopol.jpg

If a fortuneteller in December 2017 had guaranteed me such a number 12 months later, I would have been EXTREMELLY satisfied.

And now?

Well, I don’t wanna sound ungrateful…

, but I kinda wonder what all the rest of the stores are waiting for?


I guess this kind of reasoning is just the human nature. The natural consequence of having ambitions.

I wish I’d be flying high over the achievements so far - but I must admit that my mind is mainly focused on the next milestones and all the challenges that piles up in getting there.

However, I’d like to send a big hug to all the Fjording customers, both Ola Nordmann, store personell at Vinmonopolet and all the restaurant owners and hotel managers out there.

You are the best!!!

(PS! I know “trønders” are told to be slow. But I’d say that it doesn’t count for the small town places. Hitra, Melhus, Malvik and Orkanger have all of them picked up the Fjording-trend. When Trøndelag capitol, Trondheim, is finally on the list, I’ll celebrate with (yeah, you know what) a Fjording).

You can see the Fjording stock-level in your 20 closest Vinmonopol on this page.