Sold out

- Sold out. We need more booze!

That was what Knut, who works for our storage- and distribution partner Vinhuset, told us two weeks ago.

Fjording had recently participated at Vinmonopolet’s sales exhibition, and this activity had obviously triggered a lot of their store managers to order Fjording. At the same time.

So, there was just one thing to do; start filling :)

Filling of Fjording at Gardsbrenneriet.

Filling of Fjording at Gardsbrenneriet.

A pleasant challenge

Being sold out is a challenge.

But of all challenges that might occur in a small scale business, it’s probably among the most pleasant ones :)

It proves that we’re heading in the right direction.

The demand is picking up.

The word about Fjording is spreading throughout Norway.

75 Vinmonopol with Fjording on the shelf

By Monday November 12th there were 75 Vinmonopol shops with Fjording on the shelf. From north to south.

A month ago, this number was around 40.

And July 6th, when we launched, there were only a couple of shops in Nordfjord who knew about us at all.

I don’t know if such a speed is above or below average for a new product in the ordering sortiment, but it sure gives me hope for the coming months.

The hotel- and restaurant market

The number of hotels and restaurants with Fjording on their menu, is going in the right direction as well.

But I must admit; it hasn’t been much time to stimulate this segment this autumn.

I know that far too many “julebord” (Christmas parties) this season will be without Fjording in the glasses. Sadly.

But next year….

Pressure increases

I feel that the pressure increases now that so many Vinmonopolet shops have given us a chance by providing us shelf space.

I want them to experience that Fjording Hazelnut Caramel is a sellable, attractive product.

That we deserve the space.

Fingers crossed that they also become sold out quickly!

You can find the items in stock in the 20 nearest Vinmonopol shops here.

A pallet of Fjording ready for exit from scenic Nordfjord.

A pallet of Fjording ready for exit from scenic Nordfjord.