Fjording in the news

Saturday October 20th I was in Hemsedal with my old friends from Nordfjordeid, having an early Christmas party.

I had a feeling that Finansavisen was going to write about our funding round that day. And I was right.

We had completed a successful equity crowdsourcing campaign earlier that week, and a journalist had interviewed me about our future plans.

In total, we brought in 2,75 mill. NOK in the round. Exceeding our goal of 1,5 mill. Yay, pretty awesome!

To a small startup company as Fjording, this kind of sum is actually a little fortune.

However, I’m perfectly aware that in the big picture, 2,75 mill. is a “small debris in the bear's butt”. For all I know, the market leader’s monthly coffee expenditures are at this level.

But it’s a start. And a bloody good one, may I say.

Every giant company of today started with a first product. With a first little initiative. And a crazy dream.

What I hadn’t prepared for this October morning, was that TV2 Nyhetskanalen picked up the Finansavisen-article and discuss it with their celebrity morning guests; Christian Ringnes and Anniken Huitfeldt.

Ringnes is a well experienced guy within business and didn’t think Fjording could stand a chance in this market. He referred to the struggle Voss Water have had trying to get profitable.

Skjermbilde 2018-10-30 kl. 22.54.57.png

However, after the other persons around the table admitted that they actually were slightly fans of cream liqueur, he stated:

- Well, maybe I’m completely wrong...

One day, I hope I’m able to say that Mr. Ringnes actually was wrong about this matter :)

Anyhow, a big thanks to both Finansavisen, TV2 Nyhetskanalen, Christian Ringnes and Anniken Huitfeldt for spending time on Fjording!

Me and my friends at Hemsedal thought that was very generous.

And Christian, I promise to donate the first ever Fjording miniature bottle to your museum.

For anyone with a TV2 Sumo-access, it’s possible to watch the Fjording-discussion here (it starts at 15:30)

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