Nord Magazine likes Fjording

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail with this lovely sentence:

- The bottle is so nice, it receives lots of compliments here - and the content is really delicious.

It was from one of the creators of Nord. A Nordic food and lifestyle magazine which I personally admire. I love the photo work in that magazine! They make everything look so appealing and beautiful.

Fjording i Nord magasin.jpg

Attached to the e-mail was a copy of an article they had written about Fjording for their next edition. In their column “Nord liker”.

Today, the magazine was in my mailbox and I got to see the article on print. What a thrill :)

I believe the new edition of Nord is available in most magazine shops here in Norway from October 4th.

And to anybody interested in Nordic food and beverage trends - and in watching great photos - I would suggest to subscribe to Nord.