Giving it a real try - and blogging along the way

I have decided to give the Nordic Cream dream a serious try. On my 37th birthday in November 2016 I submitted my resignation from the employer I've had for the past nine years.

The plan is to dedicate myself to this entrepreneurial project that I have so much passion for. Some lacking knowledge, but a BIG chunk of passion to compensate with :)

In order to succeed with the project I have to go out and search for help, advice, financing - and good partners. I have to speak to complete strangers. I have to ask all the silly questions. My skill-set and my existing network won't be enough to realize my dream. I have to learn new stuff and seek up new environments. Somewhat scary, but most of all fun.  

I will guaranteed be out of the comfort zone in the months to follow. This, and much more, I have planned to write about in the "Fjording Blog". Hopefully it will be entertaining for others to pay attention to.

You are welcome to join the ride! And, by all means, let me know what you think about the project :)

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If you wonder why I choose to be so open, you'll find the answer in this blog post