Why being transparent with everything?

I believe in openness

I have chosen to be completely open about my business idea and my bold, crazy visions. Some people will say that's stupid. "Someone might steal your idea... People might think you lack impulse control and act in an unprofessional manner..." 

Well, I think differently. As an entrepreneur who is totally dependent on teaming up with others for product development, production and distribution, nothing good comes out of secrecy. 

The word has to be spread. If that means that someone might end up making a competitor cream liqueur; fine! In my mind, competition is a criteria for success.

If somebody thinks I look unprofessional? So what?! My transparency will probably open up doors to people or organisations that never was on my radar in the first place. People I fit well with. And surely this tactic makes it easier to get in contact and engage with future customers.

I totally believe in transparency and do not want to compromise on that. Controversially? Not really. Perhaps the most exciting and successful top leader in the world right now (no further comparison), Elon Musk, is showing that being transparent is actually a very smart strategy

Some kind of an "Askeladd"

From our Norwegian folklore we have grown up with the story of The Ash Lad ("Askeladden") and his good helpers. While Per and Paal, the older brothers of The Ash Lad, failed their mission by practicing secrecy and egoism, the younger brother succeeded by being frank, transparent and generous.

The Ash Lad stated his bold goal clearly to everyone he met: "I want to build a ship which goes just as well on land as on water. For the king has proclaimed that the one who can build such a ship will get the king's daughter and half the kingdom". (You can read the full fairytale in English here, or watch the classic Caprino-film in Norwegian below). 

I actually view myself as some kind of Ash Lad. A guy who has been "poking and raking in the ashes" (living the corporate life, ha ha) and now decides to embark on an adventurous journey. Chasing an "impossible" mission with not much more resources than a dream and an openness and honestly towards people I meet along the way. 

Even after the first small steps on the journey I've already met several good helpers. You can read about three of them here...