A drop in the bucket

Norwegian farmers are producing way too much milk. 44 million liters to be more precise. And soon, within year 2020, the subsidizing of Jarlsberg-export ends. Then the volume will increase even more. In Sweden, a farmer a day has shut down his production this summer, and several more dairy farmers in Sweden and Denmark are now asking EU for reduction support.   

This is not an isolated Nordic trend. Currently we are facing a milk crisis all over Europe, with overproduction, low prices and farmers that has to reduce or quit their dairy production.

The main reason is pretty simple: Production volume goes up due to more "effective" cows, while people's consumption is steady or even going the other way. 

Surely farmers in the Nordics would be happy that someone starts buying their milk for making cream liqueur.

Putting cream on bottles together with alcohol - which preserves it for 24 months - must be a lot better solution than spilling it out, right?