A thing to improve

Ups and downs

I've always loved the song "Tøff i pysjamas" by deLillos. And I've never related more to the lyrics than after I started as a cream liqueur entrepreneur. It really hits me how much difference a day make. One day I feel completely "tough in pajamas" and the next one completely silly.

Everybody knows that feeling silly isn't comfortable. It creates an urge for hiding away, not facing all the people on the bus. But as I promised in the very first blog post back in 2016, I'm using this blog to describe both ups and downs. Everybody understands that building a company means being on a roller coaster ride. 

Right now there is one thing that bothers me quite a bit. It doesn't necessarily makes me feel silly, but definitely a bit annoyed and worried. 

A bottle with print scratches after transportation . 

A bottle with print scratches after transportation

Print issues

We've noticed that the bottle print isn't as strong as it should be. A few bottles, especially the ones who have been transported one by one (outside their original cases), are experiencing that the print is out of order. The print doesn't cope very well with water either. 

This is of course of highest priority to fix. We promise to have a much stronger print next time we're ordering bottles. 

Unreserved apology

To customers who are unfortunate to experience print scratches on the Fjording-bottles this autumn; we are deeply sorry!

Hopefully you can forgive us - and more importantly enjoy the content despite the broken surface.