Small bottles in the market

The reason for expanding the portfolio

Fjording celebrates our first year in the market by launching a small bottle version of our Hazelnut Caramel liqueur.

Our hypothesis has been that more people will give Fjording a try if we reduce barriers. By reducing size, the total price goes down and it won’t be that scary to experiment.

Launch date and thoughts around size

From July 5th it will be possible for Vinmonopol to order full caskets of 20 cl bottles. In the beginning it will not be possible to order through their webshop, but that’s probably something we will fix after the first intro phase.

Feedback from customers on size didn’t give us much help. They wanted all kinds of sizes to choose from :)

So we just had to decide. And we ended up with 20 cl – a size that might be enough for sharing between a few friends around a fireplace.

With this news, I wish everybody a good summer holiday!

All the best,

Photo: Magne Ravnestad @Gardsbrenneriet