Product development

After the busy Christmas season I’ve started to look at product development again.

The overall ambition for 2019 is to launch two new cream liqueurs. Preferably one in the summer season and one before Christmas.

I’ve set the bar high when it comes to taste and quality, so we’ll see if this is doable or not.

But with good help from Gardsbrenneriet and our suppliers of ingredients, I’m optimistic.

Customer input

I’ve listened to feedback from our hotel- and restaurant customers.

In a poll last autumn we asked what versions they were most interested in tasting.

Some of our fruity versions scored really high. I’m glad to notice that - we’ll continue down that path.

But there were also one result that surprised me a little; brown cheese.

Fjording Brown Cheese?

There’s not many flavours around which are more Nordic than the brown cheese. And it’s not likely that other cream liqueur brands are looking into this taste :)

So I guess it makes sense that our professional customers want Fjording to look closer on the possibility.

As a consequence we’ve been digging into brown cheese for the last couple of weeks.

Hopefully we’ll be able to find a perfect way to mix it :)