Customers playing with Fjording

From time to time a product grows bigger than itself. Like when an ingredient becomes part of a popular recipe. Take Kahlua as an example: A coffee liqueur made immortal by the famous drink White Russian.

I know Fjording Hazelnut Caramel is a good stand-alone product. But how cool it would be to see it as a vital ingredient in something bigger! 

In desserts, hot drinks, cocktails, in cooking... The possibilities for Fjording are out there, but most likely we won't be able to discover them from inside our company. I have more faith in our professional customers - the chefs, the baristas, the bartenders. 

Therefore, I'm so delighted and thankful when our customers play around with Fjording! 

  • When Christer Rødseth (Vaaghals) and Runa Kvendseth (Park 29) from the Norwegian National Chef Team brought in Fjording as part of the desserts at Scandic Sunnfjords 50-anniversary party. 
  • When Nicolas Lopez from Sørsida Restaurant in Hønefoss told me that they had created a Fjording-drink called «Smaken av en drøm» and put it on their menu. 
  • When we met Daniel Diaw and his Hoven Loen bartender team at our Take Off-party - and they showed us all their magnificent Fjording-based drinks . 

Perhaps these experiments will result in Fjording becoming bigger than itself? I cross my fingers and cheers; keep on playing, dear customers! You are awesome!

Here we will share recipes along the way.

5  Fjording Coladas , developed by the awesome team at Hoven Loen. 

5 Fjording Coladas, developed by the awesome team at Hoven Loen.