Looking back on a great month

This year´s summer vacation was spent entirely in my hometown region Nordfjord. 4 weeks of saving up energy for an exiting Fjording-autumn!

We´re starting up test production in August-September and if everything runs smoothly (which "of course" it will...) we´re pretty soon in a restaurant, bar or Vinmonopol close to you :) But more about production progress later. 

Now some reflections about the summer vacation:

First PR experience

It started out with a reporter in the local newspaper at Nordfjordeid, Fjordabladet, who called me and asked for an interview.

As soon as our project was highlighted on a double page, "everybody" back home knew about the project. Lots of thumbs-up and good luck-greetings met me the following weeks.

Thanks for the support, fellow Fjordings! Means a lot to me. 

Support from Innovation Norway

July also started with a pleasant message from Innovation Norway: Our application for premarket research support was accepted and a 100.000 NOK grant was given.

Definitely a confidence boost. Thanks IN! We will not disappoint you :)

Malakoff Rockfestival

For 15 following years I´ve been a happy guest at the fantastic Malakoff Rockfestival in Nordfjordeid. This year I entered the event with a different hat on; as newly recruited (and proud) board member.

What a happening! I´m stunned by the quality of the festival, and I love to see the results of all the great work that´s being put into this project. By professionals and volunteers. It makes me SO PROUD of being from Eid!

One of the board members in Fjording, Arnt-Ove Dalebø from Volda, also showed up during the event. We got time to discuss some strategy between the Sondre Justad and the Karpe Diem concert, and dreaming about the day we´ll be in position to challenge the popular "RockeBaileys". Watch out, Irishmen! :)

Tourist in the Fjording landscape

Besides all Fjording related stuff that happened this summer, the most important thing was to enjoy the company of friends and family in the stunning Nordfjord nature.

Checking out the new Loen skylift was one of the top experiences. The fact that they had raised a giant horse shoe at the Hoven mountain top, marking that "you´re now in the middle of the fjord horse region" was something I totally loved. To everybody involved in the Hoven project; well done!

Well, that was all for now folks. I´ll let you know when new stuff happens in our company. Until then; enjoy the rest of the summer.  

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