45.000,- to the Fjord Horse Community

Fjording donates 1 US dollar for each sold 0,5 liter bottle to the Fjord Horse Community. The reason for that is explained in this previous blog post (in Norwegian).

In 2018 we sold 5100 bottles. Therefore we will donate 45.000 NOK this summer.

Fjording wants to cherish the enthusiasts and organizations that works with promoting the Fjord horses, stimulate use amongst children, and to those who secures a better future for the breed.

The donations

  • 25.000 NOK - Norges Fjordhestlag/Norsk Fjordhestsenter
    Support to their work on improving the number of pregnant mares.

  • 5.000 NOK - Langedrag Naturpark
    Fantastic camp for everybody who cares about red listed animals. Have given people, especially kids, the opportunity to become familiar with Fjordings for 40 years now.

  • 5.000 NOK - Dalsfjorden/ Ytre Sogn Fjordhestlag
    Organization with high level of activities for young people, and great cooperations with other local initiatives like Hauglandssenteret and The Red Cross.

  • 5.000 NOK - Søndre Nordstrand Rideklubb
    Great riding school in Oslo with several Fjordings as school horses, including one of grandpa’s original horses; Løkling Nini (seen in the picture below).

  • 2 x 2.500 NOK - Prizes at Statens Hingsteutstilling at Nordfjordeid, given to:
    I) the best debutant breeder
    II) the best debutant exhibitor
    We value newcomers who dare to step into the ring and present their loved stallions to all the spectators and the strict jury.

Hope the funds will be appreciated!

Keep up the good work, everyone!

All the best,
Øyvind & the Fjording-team.

Nini og eg.jpg

PS! Since we haven’t started export yet, all donations this year goes to Norwegian organizations. Hopefully this will change in the years to come :)